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Experience the sophistications of the chilling and happening Bengaluru city with our endless listings on Bengaluru Properties. We keep you connected and learnt of the latest happenings and hot trends in the metropolis through our legibly interfaced property portal. Here, you can Buy, Rent or Sell properties of your choice while ‘Satisfaction’ comes as bonus for picking us! We are your surefire solution to closing the best deals ever on the internet!.

Real estate in Bengaluru

Bengaluru has fortunately got a thriving history of real estate since ages - thanks to the soaring numbers of IT Parks, and business activities in the metropolis. You will be shocked to know that people are more interested in investing here in this prominent place. More exciting and prominent real estate builders are flourishing in this versatile place. Set against other cities like Bengaluru or Pune, the premium property market here is much diverse! There are flexi-payment options, and EMI schemes made available to entice property aspirants to roll up their sleeves and book their properties in Bengaluru. If the city could offer you with ample employment opportunities in its widespread Business Centres and IT Parks, and ease you with its most pleasant climatic conditions all around the year, why would you ever deny a property investment in Bengaluru?

Real estate in Bengaluru
Buy a property in Bengaluru

How can I buy a property in Bengaluru?

The capital city of Karnataka, Bengaluru has too many reasons to convince you to buy a property. Regarded as the Silicon Valley of India, the city offers abundant property choices to pick from. The big question now is ‘how?’ We suggest you to take one step at a time in making your investments. The foremost aspect to remember is NOT to hurry, as it may lead you to hasty decisions. Find out an online property portal in Bengaluru that has extensive list of all the properties for sale in Bengaluru. The next step to smart buying is to finalize a geography where you look for the property. This has to be ideally well-connected to your work place, your kid’s schooling, as well as other essential stores. Considering these done, now click on to the Bengaluru Properties portal and filter out the properties in your preferred locality. Fix your budget, and plan your finances before you further scroll through the enticing listings! That said, you are sure to have a quick list jotted down, to make a final pick!

Is it good to buy a property in Bengaluru?

Buying a property is indeed a crucial decision to make in your lifetime. It is your due responsibility to decide on an appropriate geography and, and plan your finances such that it doesn’t impact your family’s well-being by putting you in any crisis. Considering these beforehand, we strongly recommend buying property in Bengaluru. This metropolitan city is in fact most sought-after destination for many. As obvious, Bengaluru is a city that is saturated with IT companies and business activities. These evidently offer you with the best IT jobs and scope of business establishments. Above all, there are elite schools and premium educational activities in Bengaluru that will prepare your child for lucrative jobs roles, and thriving future. Besides, the advent in fintech companies in Bengaluru have also made it much easier for potential home buyers to make investments with utmost ease. There are flexible payment schemes, and attractive EMI options that make your housing loan a seamless, effortless process. Above all, the ever-evolving infrastructure of the city, and the overall positivity that the Bengaluru city extends to you holistically contributes to a productive vibration that will impact your livelihood positively!

Is it good to buy a property in Bengaluru
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Frequently asked questions
About buying property in Bengaluru

Is it a good idea to buy a property in Bengaluru?

Of course, yes. Bengaluru being a metropolitan city with a whole lot of infrastructural developments constantly taking place, you are sure to enjoy sophisticated lifestyle with all-inclusive amenities in properties constructed here. Even in case of plots or lands, Bengaluru makes a smart choice.

What would be the cost per square feet Property in Bengaluru?

In practical, there could not be a specific answer to this question as the price per square feet depends on couple of different factors. However, to give a fair estimation, it varies between Rs 3000 to Rs 50000.

Can you give me the estimation on stamp duty and property registration in Bengaluru?

The answer to this question could be of two slabs: 2 percent and 3 percent slabs for properties below Rs 20 lakh and above Rs 20 lakh respectively. The State of Karnataka registration fee of 1% on the market value of the property.

How Bengalore Properties can help me in buying a property?

Bengaluru properties is the bridge that connects customers with potential property development companies. We help you by suggesting the best, trusted list of properties available across the Bengaluru metropolis.