Which is the best site for selling property in Bengaluru?

Which is the best site for selling property in Bengaluru?

Buying or selling properties in Bengaluru is not at all easy. In today’s hectic lifestyle, it is hard to find the time to properly and thoroughly research the market, look for the available options, compare them with each other, and finally, choose the one that fits their needs. To do all the needful stated above, most people often involve a real estate agent in the buying/selling process, who helps them get the job done. However, that is an inefficient strategy, as almost 2-3% of the selling price goes to the estate agent.

Slowly people are turning away from this traditional way, involving real estate agents. As it's crucial to find a trustable agent! Not every real estate agent is good at their job, meaning it takes time and effort to find the right agent. Wondering what works the best then?

The best way is to browse websites that help you buy or sell property in Bengaluru with great ease. In recent times many favor selling their properties online due to the flexibility and speed that online selling offers. Real estate websites are attracting so many visits every month because they are adding value for both buyers and sellers. Buyers can preview hundreds of homes within a few hours from the comfort of their couches. At the same time Home sellers also win. Their homes are viewed by hundreds of shoppers in the market looking to buy a new home.

These websites update listings quickly and accurately, provide a variety of tools for buyers and sellers to obtain the best information, and streamline the buying and selling process to make it more efficient. There are many reasons why people opt to sell property online over using the traditional real estate broker selling method. Read through to find out more.


When you decide to sell your property online, you can directly control the listing. This means that you can choose exactly what potential buyers see, be it the description, the pictures, or even specific features that you wish to highlight. You also have the flexibility to customize and make any changes as you go. Depending on the online agent platform that you choose, there may be different options available that could enhance your listings. You may have the option, for example, to add good pictures, a floor plan, exact location, all of which could maximize your selling potential. The most important factor that you will be able to control if you decide to sell your property online is the asking price. This is a fine balance, and although you may want to aim to sell your property for the highest price possible, you should always make sure to set a price that is reasonable for the offering.

Make sure to always research similar properties in the local area as a guideline for your selling price.


One of the key reasons that homeowners choose to sell their homes via an online marketplace is the speed that it offers when compared with traditional selling methods. If you work with estate agents, it can be an arduous process with many steps, often there are multiple sessions for photos, surveying, and valuation before the listing is even put live. After that, there is a lot of back and forth between the seller, the estate agent, and potential buyers to organize the viewings. Selling online allows you to cut out the middleman so that you can put your listing live as soon as possible.


There is no doubt that selling your property is a time-consuming process, especially when it comes to viewings. Some people find that the flexibility afforded by selling a property online can help them arrange viewings and more around their schedule. For example, in cases where people have commitments about caring for a loved one or childcare responsibilities, this flexibility can be a key requirement. You will ideally want many potential buyers to be interested in your home so that there is a high demand and buyers will be willing to pay the asking price, if not more. However, this can be difficult to organize, especially if there is a third party involved. When you work with an estate agent, there is an extra layer of complexity in the scheduling, the potential buyer contacts the estate agent who contacts you, who contacts them, and so on, and so on.

When you take control of your listing, you can make the viewings work around your schedule and can speak to potential buyers directly to organize times. As a consequence, it is a much more efficient process. After all, there is always numerous competition in the real estate market for the same type of property, so you need to ensure you have a good strategy. To start on the right path, you should post your real estate property on an online portal! Do it today at BENGALURUPROPERTIES.COM The best platform to buy, sell or rent a property! BENGALURUPROPERTIES.COM is the most trusted real estate portal in Bengaluru.

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Still not convinced why you should list your property in the online selling platform — Bengaluru Properties? Then read through the below features of our website to be mind-boggled!


The sole website that offers reliable services and is dedicated to properties in and around Bengaluru.


Its user connecting interface is very easy, so a novice internet user can upload his needs, photos, videos, etc to the website easily. With just a few clicks you can advertise your property online.


Its URL domain name is very much related to the real estate industry. Buying and selling are easy on bengaluruproperties.com. So, it becomes very easy for even a new internet user to remember its name. Hence, this website gets traffic from millions from all over India, most of the visitors are in search of buying a house or getting a home for rent or lease. So, if anybody lists his Property here for sale or rent, he can find the desired clients within days.


They directly send your contact info to the visitors if he demands Property of a certain location. You can send them the photos address and cost range of your property with your phone number and create a good impression on potential buyers.


Quality is what sets our portal apart from other online portals. Every nook and corner of a property is verified before handing it over to the customers. And all it takes is less than 24hrs to verify a property and advertise it in our online portal.


In case you want to buy a property through a loan the EMI Calculator comes in real handy. It gives you a clear picture of the tenure period, the EMI % and the interest rates. Which is also a very productive tool when you are selling property online. List your residential or commercial property on BENGALURUPROPERTIES.COM for free. Get leads at no cost. Bengaluru's No 1 Property Portal. Sell or rent out your property online without any charges. Sell/Rent without an Agent or brokerage

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