What is the best way to buy a property in Bengaluru?

What is the best way to buy a property in Bengaluru?

It may at first look daunting to buy a Property in Bengaluru. But the fact is that the process of buying property can be effortless once you get to know a strategic work plan for the same. Perhaps, the too many options available to purchase a property is one of the reasons that make it so perplexing. Worry not, as we are here to give you a roadmap to buying the best property out there in Bengaluru.

Finalize a geography in Bengaluru!

As a foremost step, decide on a geography in Bengaluru. While there is a few posh localities in Bengaluru for you to buy an apartment or individual house, it is inevitable that you decide on your family’s preferred location so that it is ideal to travel to workplaces, schools or colleges that your family members will have to commute on a day-to-day basis. Once this is done, half of your job is done right! As the next step, you need to start going in the lookout for the best properties in the city.

Take part in property fair!

In today’s digital age where information is just a click away, the biggest mystery also lies in the giant world wide web! Yes, the internet is both boon and bane as well. With aplenty information flushing your search results, what to focus on becomes the big question. So, it is suggested that you take part in property fairs where you will get to observe the pulse of property developers, builders, and construction experts. Chances are high that you get to have legal advice from lawyers or advocates that officially collaborate at the event. As the first step, the property construction must be approved by Bengaluru Development Authority before raising the construction. In addition, the construction should have RERA approval. You may even ask for RERA number at the time of property fair to discover more details about the construction and its credibility.

Property listing websites

The easiest of all options is to surf the internet for the best property listing website. There are a lot of websites, however finding the credible ones like Bengaluru Properties is the challenge here. Look for ratings, reviews, and customer feedbacks on these websites to decide on which property listing site looks authentic. Once this is done, surf through their listing thoroughly and find out the latest entries on their website. The advantage of browsing here is that as a professional listing website, they tend to include holistic information about properties including location, geography details, builder details, property pricing, and total property dimension along with pictures showcasing the exteriors and interiors. Besides all these, these property listing websites can act as a bridge to connect you with the builders to make enquiries. There are forms that you may simply fill up in these websites and anticipate a call back from the respective construction company.

Physical inspection

No matter how well you wade through all the online references in your property hunt, there is nothing as effective as doing the groundwork directly on-spot! Once you have decided the geography and property to purchase in Chennai, go on to the destination physically and explore the pros and cons of the same. This may include water supply, commutation facilities, suitability for family settlements, neighborhoods, and its nature, etc. In addition, run the extra mile to check out how far the property price could appreciate in the next few years down the line. There is absolute necessity to understand the value appreciation details so that you don’t fall into any trap when you plan to resell the property.

Vastu compliance and Floor Plan

In today’s construction trend, the property constructors make sure to engineer structures with proper vastu compliance. However, at your end, discover how far the properties are compliant so that it is satisfactory to you too.

There is also the floor plan that needs to be checked in detail. This will give you deep insights about the measurements of interiors and exteriors, and the exact square feet that will belong to you on purchase. At this juncture, make sure to ascertain proper ventilation in the construction which is of paramount importance for families, especially with aged people or kids. The rooms should be well lit even without additional lights during the daytime. Getting help from professional architects will be of additional advantage in this stage.

There are a lot of construction companies that give you 3d models to give you the best view of how your ‘actual’ property will look like.

Interact with neighbours!

Discussing with the people in the same neighbourhood will give you insights about what it means to stay here. This can throw light on what is certainly not mentioned anywhere on the internet or promotions done toward a property. You will also tend to understand the kind of people that are likely to reside among in the coming days!

While it is very easy to grab a property in Bengaluru with lump sum funds in hand, the true challenge lies in figuring out which ones are needed. At no point of time, you need to hesitate. However trivial your doubts are, just make sure to get them clarified before you book your property. It is your lifetime investment and a bulk sum that goes into it. Hesitating can only incur loss on yourself. Remember this every time there pops a hesitation in the same lines. Hope these tips help you in deciding on what’s best for you in Bengaluru.

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